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Virtual Office in Warsaw or Cracow

Innovation in business for companies registered in Poland – the Virtual Office in Warsaw or Krakow

A virtual office is a modern solution not only for a new business but also for companies that have been on the market for a long time.

HUB Kolektyw has been providing virtual office services for 7 years, and during that time numerous clients trusted us – from a sole proprietorship or one-man businesses to companies, foundations or associations.

To reduce the costs of running a business, tailor the package to the  needs of the company and check for yourself the benefits of renting a Virtual Office at HUB Kolektyw.

Offer of the Virtual Office

Rent a prestigious Virtual Address for the company – it’s only 15 minutes of formalities.

We have offices in Warsaw and Krakow.

As part of the chosen Virtual Office/Virtual Address package, the company will use the address:


Świeradowska 47, 02-662
Warszawa – Mokotów


Zamknięta 10, 30-554
Kraków – Podgórze


Net price for payment for 1 month


Net price for payment for 6 months


Net price for payment for 12 months

WHAT DOES THE PACKAGE CONTAIN? Virtual office MINI Virtual office MEDIO Virtual office PRO
Registration of the company at Świeradowska 47
Incoming correspondence service
Notifying about the arrival of new correspondence
Sending correspondence to indicated address
1 time a month 1 time a month 4 times a month
Sending correspondence scans 10 pages 30 pages 100 pages
Access to the customer panel 24h
Access to the meeting room 1 hour 4 hours 8 hours

* net price for 1 month of service


The virtual office at HUB Kolektyw Warsaw and Krakow is both a registered, correspondence and marketing address.

From the day of signing the contract/agreement, the company may use the chosen address in Warsaw or Krakow.

Correspondence can be collected personally from Monday to Friday during office hours or send to indicated the address- the service is payable in accordance with the Polish Post Office (Poczta Polska) price list.

In the event of a change of address or contact person, the company must urgently inform HUB Kolektyw.

We provide services in Poland; therefore the contract is signed in Polish language, and payments are made by bank transfer in PLN based on the invoice received for the selected period: monthly, semi-annual or annual.

 To register a company at a Virtual Address in the HUB kolektyw please complete the Virtual Office Registration Form.

Feel invited to cooperate with us!
HUB Kolektyw Team

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Contract with HUB Kolektyw
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